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Current Offers

All bulk 4 product includes free shipping!

Trade your bulk in for some amazing sealed product.

Slide to see the value of each type of bulk card!

How to submit.
Complete the form

Fill out the form below, you will receive a confirmation email, as well print the package slip below and include in your box.

Ship your bulk

When we receive your bulk, we confirm the contents and move into shipping your product.

Get your product!

We ship your new product within 4 to 5 business days and provide you with tracking via email.

Send bulk to:

PO Box 281
Manville NJ 08835



Thanks for submitting, you will receive an email confirmation shortly!


1. Bulk must be only english and in NM condition.


2. We do not take energies at this time.


3. We do not take code cards at this time.


4. If shipping greater than 6,000 cards please use USPS FLAT RATE LARGE BOX - as of 2023 it costs $22 regardless of weight!


5. Keep each of the different card types clearly labeled and seperated from eachother, failure to do so may incur a 10% reductio in points value.


6. Please include the printed email that is sent to you inside of your box for expedited processing. 


7. If you need assistance message via the onsite chat do not reply to any emails, start your conversation with "BULK" so that our team knows how to best assist you.


8. We accept V/EX/GX/Vstar/Vmax for the 42.5 points this includes Full Art variants!

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