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Thank You 🙏

The Tribe means the world to us here, and growing the Tribe by bringing other like minded collectors in is so important to this amazing communities future. 

For this we need YOUR help! 

We want potential new members to know how you feel about the community, TribeShop, EPB and of course us! 

And as a token of our appreciation for your honest review we want to send the first 100 members to leave a review on our Facebook page a sealed Thank You Hydreigon 😊


How to get your Hydreigon

That's it, we'll take care of everything else (ships for free 🤗)

Upcoming Releases

New products from Pokémon Intl - as always we'll be fighting to get a large enough allocation to bring it to all of the Tribe! 

Galarian Rapidash

Estimated Release: May 5th 

Galarian Rapidash V Box.PNG

First Partners Alola

Estimated Release: April 2nd

alola first partner.jpg

V Strikers Tin & Inteleon League Battle

Estimated Release: May 19th 

emp ttar and int deck.jpg

Battle Styles Sleeved

Current estimated release for the (Delayed) sleeved boosters is: 

April 10th

sleeved booster.jpg
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