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March 30th - 8 pm EST

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How Live Packs work


Pre purchase your spots in the live pack opening above.  We only allocate a set number of packs per Live Open, this is a members only perk. It's the best price we'll ever have and its only available for the pack of the month.


Show up on the time and date of the live open to experience watching your packs and interaction with us and others in the community.


Receive your cards (all of them!) unlike other live openings and breaks. You get all of your cards and the shipping is calculated at the time of your purchase via our carrier partners program.

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Why buy Live Packs?

because who doesn't love saving money! 

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Meet other members

Spend time with others in the Tribe live on our opening.  Everyone here is epic and everyone loves collecting!

(inactive)Submit for Grading

Live Packs have the added advantage of being sent to grading companies directly from us for you.  This will save you on shipping and give you the best tier pricing.

Lowest price ever

All live packs are at the lowest price we'll ever offer, that means you can buy confidently.

Earn member badges (Coming soon)

Live Pack purchases will have a special members badge that will display on your members profile for you and everyone else to see!

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