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More Crown Zenith information!

The staggered release of our Crown Zenith set has now been revealed. This is similar to the release schedule for Pokemon GO, which saw its products come out over a three-month period.

As stated before, the first Crown Zenith products will be available on January 20th. This release includes a V Box and an Elite Trainer Box featuring Lucario.

It has been discovered that a second wave of products will become accessible on February 17th.

What is included in this release are...

  • A VMAX Box with five booster packs, a VMAX promo, and a V promo

  • Pin Collections with three booster packs, a promo card, and a pin

  • Mini Tins with two booster packs and a sticker sheet

We will most likely receive our first Scarlet & Violet set in February, as has been the case historically. This also means that Crown Zenith would see its second wave of products released around the same time period.

There is a good chance that we will see more Crown Zenith products released the following month.

Crown Zenith will be the first set to include cards from Japan’s VSTAR Universe. In addition, it will also contain cards that were cut from recent English sets as well as promo cards that haven’t been released in America yet.

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