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New Sword & Shield Set January 2023

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We’ve now learned the special SWSH set will release in America and Europe on January 20th. We still don’t know its name yet.

Like all special sets, it’ll see the release of a special Elite Trainer Box containing 10 booster packs and a promo card.

It’ll also see the release of a V Box. This is only the first batch of products we’ve learned about; there will surely be more.

As posted in July, the set is code-named SWSH12.5. It’ll be a “mishmash” set containing unreleased cards and promos from recent Japanese releases and Japan’s VSTAR Universe, which releases in December. We already have a partial set list from Pokemon itself.

If history holds true, we should then move on to the first Scarlet & Violet set in February.

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Oct 17, 2022

This is what the ETB might look like 👀🔥


Oct 07, 2022

Yay if they do release in February, just in time for my birthday month!! 🥰

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