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Scarlet & Violet 2nd Set is Delayed 😔

Collectors, mark your calendars!

The second set will be making its much-awaited appearance on June 30th instead of the traditional May release.

While we don't yet know the official name, we know it's going to be epic as it continues the new EX game mechanic!

This change is believed to be due to the shift in the first set's release from February to March, creating a more spaced-out schedule between sets.

The future schedule remains to be seen, but history has shown that the set releases may return to the usual February, May, August, and November schedule.

May will also bring a flurry of new releases, including the Mimikyu ex Box, League Battle Decks, ex Battle Decks, and Mini Tins.

Get ready for exciting new products to start hitting the shelves from February through June!

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