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March Box ships between April 2nd and the 7th latest to all members!


All members are guaranteed a slab within 12 months, our new fulfillment system will track who is randomly selected for a slab and after the 12th month if no slab has been pulled we will ship a slab in excess of the normal rates. That means it doesn't take away from any of the allocated slabs on a per month basis and comes out of our slab inventory! (and it's always a mid to high-end slab!)


-1 in 10 chance at a graded slab - This is a perfect mix of low/mid/high-end slabs using an increased budget per month for slabs!

-Custom designed for you the Tribe enamel and metal pin

-Custom designed for you the Tribe vinyl waterproof sticker sheet

-TribeShop access is as well included with every EPB sub (typically $14.99); everyday low price Pokémon sealed product!

-8 Packs are still included with every box and we will always put in a minimum of 4 different sets!


Do not combine subscriptions with any other products at check out or we will have to cancel the order to maintain a clean tracking system for the guaranteed slab program!


Fulfills at the same time so expect to receive tracking between the 1st of the preceding month! (Example a November box would ship between the 1st and 7th of December)

Price Options
Elite Mystery Box
Packs, Stickers, Pins, Pulls & More!
$54.95every month until canceled

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