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3/30/23 - 8p EST
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Check out the list below to see if your packs have been opened and what you pulled! 

To the right of your name it will show what was pulled; if a Ultra Rare or greater wasn't pulled it will show NA!

1.46898 Kayla W. (x1)

2.46959 Ryan D. (x2)

3.46937 Andrew P. (x3)

4.46909 Dennis M. (x3)

5.46921 Bryan F. (x3)

6.47015 Adam S. (x1)

7.46926 Stephanie H. (x1)

8.46938 Denise K. (x2)

9.46897 Ashley W. (x2)

10.46899 Travis S. (x1)

11.46907 Maxwell D. (x1)

12.46918 Bryan F. (x1)

13.46910 Daniel P. (x1)

14.46928 Andrew W. (x2)

15.46896 Joshua C. (x4)

16.46908 Amilio D. (x1)

17.46895 Timothy B. (x3)

18.46906 Jacob H. (x4)

19.47224 Kandyce A. (x1)

20.46978 William M. (x1)

21.46905 Tyler H. (x4)

22.46936 Ross A. (x2)

23.46920 James M. (x6)

24.46923 Jeff L. (x2)

25.46917 Mark B. (x1)

26.46930 Gnoeun M. (x4)

27.46900 David F. (x1)

28.47024 Channy G. (x4)

29.46925 Michele R. (x2)

30.46902 Ryan W. (x2)

31.47018 Tim L. (x2)

32.46916 William L. (x2)

33.46975 Sope P. (x3)

34.46911 Colby S. (x3)

35.46901 Sergei H. (x5)

36.46913 Kent Y. (x1)

37.47017 Eric S. (x2)

38.47016 Courtney K. (x2)

39.46894 William S. (x1)

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