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Tear in or keep sealed the choice is yours!
The first pokemon product with guaranteed return

TribeBox - Tribe Edition

We've been working on putting together a product unlike anything available today.  With so many ways to collect, be it binder completion, master sets, investment, graded cards and more we wanted one (1) product that met all the tribes needs.

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36 Packs + Guaranteed Slab

36 boosters (6x ES, BS, CR, VV, DA, FS) and a guaranteed slab ranging from $30 to $1000 in value. This merges the benefits of a booster box with the nostalgia of WOTC box toppers!

Cellophane Wrapped

After tamper seals are placed on critical points, the entire box is sealed in an industrial quality cellophane helping keep it's contents protected as well as the exterior packaging in pristine condition.

High quality packaging

Custom developed and professionally printed packaging makes for a one of a kind display for your sealed collection.

Guaranteed Investable

Every Tribe Edition TribeBox has a guaranteed buyback price at the 5 year mark of 2x purchase price if kept sealed.  That means you double your investment after 5 years of holding sealed.

Tamper Sealed

All TribeBoxes are sealed with tamper seals, if removed voiding the sealed authenticity of the box. For future buy back program seals must remain intact.

Limited Edition

This SWSH Tribe Edition TribeBox will be a limited run of only 288 individually numbered and recorded boxes.

pokeball pattern 4.jpeg

Ready to snag your box?

  • 36 Packs

  • 1 Slab

  • Tribe BUYBACK

  • Limited

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