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  • If I'm not sure what cards I want to grade can I send more?
    We always say that if you can make up your mind around what you think is most valuable let us do it for you! Send as many cards as you'd like graded, we'll review and let you know which have the best gradeability as well as value.
  • When do I pay for shipping back to me?
    Shipping is paid right at the begging, because we know how many cards you want grade and what a PSA slab weights we charge early so you don't have to worry or have any unnecessary delays returning them to you.
  • How many PSA submission do you process?
    We process anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand subs each month!
  • What happens if I want to submit a super rare card?
    We cover up to $500 declared value with the traditional pricing, if you're sending cards that you believe are higher than that don't worry. We will true up any cards that are over the $500 value and let you know what additional cost may exist.
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